• Streamline Your Business 
    ​with a Customized CRM/ERP

    Grow your business with Zolution’s comprehensive cloud solutions. Our solution will be highly tailored and customized for your business model to ensure incredible success. 

    Here at Zolution, we provide the solutions to the problems your business is facing. 

  • Improve Your ROI and 
    Skyrocket Your Revenue

    Digitally transform and streamline with Zolution’s system integration.
    Here, we help your business in 3 words.

    Automate. Scale. Succeed.

  • Upgrade Your Business ​with the Gov. Support

    Zolution will assist you to scope the projects and review the proposals of the government grant applications, to leverage on the Singapore Government Grants ​to scale up your capabilities.

Our Featured Clients

We implement and customize the best CRM tools 
to automate and scale your business

Cloud CRM Suites

Our CRM platforms optimize and automate your sales operations and manage a single source of truth for all your customer engagement activities.

Professional Services

We build custom solutions that meet your specific requirements to automate business processes, integrate data & 3rd party applications, to digitalize your operations.

Government Grants

 To companies in Singapore, Zolution's cloud solutions and professional services are eligible for the government grants, such as EDG, PSG, and Tech-and-Go. 

Zolution was founded by James Yang in 2017. James had a mission in mind when starting out his journey, which was to help businesses and business owners grow in tandem with technological trends.

Throughout the years, Zolution has managed to achieve its goal in breaking barriers for businesses in Singapore and all over Southeast Asia. By incorporating customized tools and digitization strategies, we have helped businesses automate daily protocols, streamline their processes, improve scalability, and get a massive leg up against their competitors in the industry.

We offer every business customized service to skyrocket success, regardless of size and scale!

Zolution offers surefire solutions to a one-way ticket upwards. 
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Why go with Zolution

We sell the marketing solutions in terms of value, benefit, and cost efficiency. We want to introduce businesses to an invaluable tool for growth that is flying under the radar right now. We at Zolution position ourselves as business consultants as much as we are IT developers. We understand how you feel as business owners, the difficulties, and obstacles you face, and we want to help you overcome them.

As IT experts and enthusiasts, we also offer technical capabilities that are a cut above. Most CRM resellers do not have the technical knowhow, the market trends or limitations to the software. At Zolution, we know the technology like the back of our hands, it is our passion and our craft, and we want to share it with you.

As you can tell, we put our customers first. Under promise, and overdeliver. The main goal is to help you grow your business.