How It All Started 

Zolution was founded by James Yang in 2017 after he realized how robust and powerful automation is, and how companies can highly benefit from it.

Prior to its inception, James was working in a successful multinational corporation where he noticed that although the business was doing well, there were still some operations that could be innovated and improved upon. With the mindset of growth and scalability, James took the initiative to replace some of the manual working processes in the company with automations and cloud solutions. This proved to be incredibly successful. With many basic but essential business protocols running automatically, employees were able to be productive on more important tasks. Management also had better overall visibility on the status of operations and financial movement. Overhead costs for labor and the chances of human errors were greatly reduced.

It was through witnessing that incredible growth firsthand that James realized automation and cloud solutions could change the world. An invaluable tool that can help companies scale rapidly, economically and sustainably. However, he also noticed that the rate of adoption for this ground-breaking technology is still at its infancy stage and has yet to be incorporated into many businesses and corporations. Even large multinational corporations did not have the advantage to leverage on this solution yet.

Thus, Zolution was founded.

Born from a mission to share this innovation with businesses around Southeast Asia, to help them adapt to new technology, and to grow and scale into the future.

Featured Story of Our Founder

James Yang is a Zoho Creator Certified Developer based out of Singapore. Originally trained in engineering, James graduated from the National University of Singapore with an MBA degree in Finance. From strategizing at a corporate planning office for MNCs to founding Zolution in 2017, James' career has been nothing short of a roller coaster.

Our Belief

From the bottom of our hearts, we genuinely want the best success for your business.

We sell the marketing solutions in terms of value, benefit, and cost efficiency. We want to introduce businesses to an invaluable tool for growth that is flying under the radar right now.

We at Zolution position ourselves as business consultants as much as we are IT developers. We understand how you feel as business owners, the difficulties, and obstacles you face, and we want to help you overcome them.

As IT experts and enthusiasts, we also offer technical capabilities that are a cut above. Most CRM resellers do not have the technical knowhow, the market trends or limitations to the software. At Zolution, we know the technology like the back of our hands, it is our passion and our craft, and we want to share it with you.

As you can tell, we put our customers first.

Under promise, and overdeliver. The main goal is to help you grow your business.