Streamlining Sales and Improving Efficiency: How a Customized CRM System Boosted Success for a Rapidly Growing Real Estate Agency

The customer is a successful real estate agency in Singapore that has set a new standard in the industry with their innovative video presentation tours. These tours, which combine cutting-edge video techniques with a personal touch, have helped the agency achieve significant growth in sales and headcount in recent years. The agency has created over a thousand videos and sold more than two thousand homes for their clients.

However, with such rapid growth, the agency has struggled to manage their sales pipeline and agent commissions efficiently. Previously, these processes were done manually on spreadsheets, which was prone to errors and time-consuming. Additionally, the lack of timely updates made it difficult for the management team to track the performance of their teams. The lack of a good customer relationship management (CRM) system also limited the agency's ability to fully utilize their data on leads.

To address these challenges, the agency's management team decided to work with Zolution, a company that has successfully deployed Zoho apps for over 200 businesses in Singapore. Zolution was tasked with customizing a CRM system for the agency that would meet their unique needs for pipeline management and commission calculation. A CRM system is crucial for any business as it helps companies manage customer relationships, automate tasks, and track customer interactions across various touchpoints.
Zolution has implemented a number of features in the CRM project for the real estate agency to address their challenges with sales pipeline management and commission calculation. By utilizing the automation and process engine of Zoho CRM, the agency's agents are now able to comply with the standard operating procedures for sales. In addition, the agents can now monitor their commission forecast in real-time, and the finance department can easily extract commission data at the end of each month to reimburse the agents.

The CRM system also sends notifications to agents and customers to remind them of the next steps in the sales process, helping to keep the process on track. The CRM system has also helped break down silos within the company, as different departments can easily collaborate on deals within the system. The management team is now able to check on the latest business performance anytime, anywhere, thanks to the accessibility of the CRM system.
According to the CTO of the Real Estate Agency, "Implementing the CRM system has been a game-changer for our agency. It has allowed us to streamline our sales process and better track the performance of our teams. The automation features have saved us a significant amount of time and the real-time commission tracking has improved transparency and trust among our agents. We've also seen an increase in customer satisfaction thanks to the improved communication and timely notifications provided by the system. I highly recommend Zolution and their customized CRM solution to any business looking to improve efficiency and customer relationships."

This project illustrates the importance of a well-implemented CRM system in a rapidly growing business. By automating and streamlining processes, the real estate agency was able to improve efficiency and track performance, leading to increased success. The CRM system also facilitated collaboration among different departments and improved communication with customers, further contributing to the agency's success.