5x Sales Leads per Year Through Our Services

Zolution aims to provide the best services for every business owner. Regardless of the scale of your business and industry, we have the tools necessary to help you grow even further.

Over the past few years, Zolution has helped over 150 customers implement their CRM, drastically increasing their ROIs and yearly revenue. Our excellent service and lightning speed results for our clients has won us awards and accolades such as The Pinnacle Performer by Zoho.

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​Micro-Business Owners

As a micro-business owner or a freelancer, you are required to manage all aspects of your business yourself. From marketing and branding to finance management, to client farming and servicing.

Managing everything alone and manually is an incredibly difficult and tedious process. It is also highly subjected to human error, which can be damaging to your business and reputation.

With Zolution’s CRM services, you are able to automate all of these processes and free up your hands to focus on more important aspects of your career. This benefits you in many ways.

A customized CRM tool ensures that your client’s needs and information is always documented down and streamlined. This minimizes human error and ensures that each client is fully taken care of. Furthermore, automating your sales targeting and client searching, you are able to free up your time to work on projects more efficiently.

With the help of our services, you are able to free up a majority of your time spent on business processes, by automating it. Not only does this ensure that you have more time to improve upon the quality of your work, but also minimizes the risk of human error in record-keeping, client management and much more. Thus, helping your business grow at an incredibly rapid rate.

Small- M​edium Business

We offer essential benefits and solutions for small-medium business owners through a multitude of ways.

With a customized CRM tool, you are able to track each and every individual client, their needs and demands, and your interactions with them. The CRM will also help you automate your daily business protocols such as lead generation and prospecting, sales engagements and lead nurturing. Our automation system goes a step further and helps you target those that would most likely be interested in your products. By automating the client-farming process and record-keeping for each interaction, you are able to scale your business and optimally allocate your workforce.

We help you cut out the headache and hassle of keeping track of everything, while expanding your business by turning this process into something that automatically grows itself. You’re not only able to save money, but more importantly, you will be able to minimize time costs, and spend your time to focus on other aspects of your business to grow it even further.

Aside from a customized CRM tool which helps you streamline your daily business protocols, automate certain tasks and allows for optimal utilization of the workforce, we also offer a 6 month long training and onboarding program for your employees.

This means that we will ensure that your employees become experts at managing, reading and operating the CRM tool, so it will scale with your business. As the onboarding teaches all the necessary knowledge to your employees, you will also be able to operate fully in-house, which cuts out on overhead costs for outsourcing, saves time, and ensures maximum upkeep capacity with in-house experts.

Mult​inational Corporations

Zolution is geared to provide award-winning CRM tools for corporations that operate on a global scale. As your platform generates millions of engagements, high traffic on a daily basis requires state-of-the-art automation systems to keep up and continuously improve business operations.  Through automation and cloud solutions, we can help you streamline your business operations, improve scalability and overall efficiency.

By automating daily business protocols such as sales engagements, customer profiling, and updating management on end-to-end timelines with timely reports, the workforce can be allocated for further optimization. Automation frees up menial tasks for employees, allowing them to utilize their skill set for more important tasks, which improves the scalability of your business.

Automation and cloud solutions also grants management better overall visibility on the status of business operations and financial distributions. Furthermore, as these reports are compiled and generated through system operations, it minimizes the risk of human error tremendously.

Another potential of our services is to also automate marketing analysis, mass emailing, PPC and even SEO keyword optimization for your website.

Through the analytics of your platform, Zolution can also further perform accounts research and generate personalized advertising, which will be placed on the ideal platforms with the highest congestion of your targeted audience and clientele. We will also measure the performance of your business in real time through system automation and provide you with the best possible solutions for practices to achieve your business goals.