• Transform Your Business 
    ​with Power Insights

    Zolution helps you to Integrate with various data sources & applications, simplify data preparation, and automate routine analysis, and to Produce insightful dashboards and reports, then share them with your organization or with external customers

An Example of a Custom Dashboard

Data Blending

Data nowadays lie in different files, feeds, databases, and applications, either online or offline. It's now easy to consolidate your data in one place, and synchronize from multiple sources automatically.

Data Visualisation

Make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Make it easier to track KPIs for you.

APIs & SQL Support

Zoho Reports offers a set of powerful HTTP based Web APIs. The CloudSQL technology also allows developers to interact with business data using the familiar SQL language.

Popular Applications

Connect with popular business applications like Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, QuickBooks, Xero and Zendesk through ready-made connectors.

Metrics & Formulas

Excel-like easy to use formula engine, with an extensive library of mathematical & statistical functions to extract the required business metrics from your data. 

Sharing & Collaboration

Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see & do with the reports you share with them. Publish your reports and make them accessible to users with/without logins. 

From Ideas to Actions. ​Together We Make It Happen.

Data Analytics Advisory Services

Our data analytics capabilities help senior executives to make critical decisions faster with insightful and actionable recommendations. We transform your data into your competitive advantage by leveraging the power of advanced data analytics technologies and know-how. Our services include,

  • Financial Matrix and Dashboard Design
  • Business Report Generation and Automation
  • Operation Analytics and Optimization
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Analytics
  • Ad-hoc Business Analysis & Data Services

Embedded Analytics & White Label Solutions

One Million Users and Ten Million Reports, Powered by One Single Platform

  • Fully featured data analytics platform
  • Fast implementation and easy setup
  • Seamless integration of your products
  • Customizable logo, login page, and URL 
  • Single-sign-on  support
  • In-built collaboration with access control
  • Embedded reporting templates
  • Self-service interface for your users